All essential information for customer service:

Do you have any difficulties or questions before booking a car with Car Rental Iceland or any information you might want to know ? you can go ahead and see most of our frequently asked questions in FAQ

If there are any unanswered questions you need to know about. Don’t hesitate to send us email at [email protected] and we will answer you within 24 hours or call us at +354 777-5600

The customer support we provide while your stay here with a rental car from us is a lot. With wide range of information and quick action to fix any unexpected problems you might have if so is needed.

If something would happen to the vehicle that is covered by the insurance and is not fixable over email or phone. We always come to your service as quickly as possibly to your destination to change cars with you. You can then keep on enjoying your stay here without any more hiccups.


If a problem occurs that is not covered by the insurance you always call us first before taking any action on getting the car fixed. We then can analyze the problem that you are having and guide you to the best possible solution.

Should you get into a dangerous and life threatening situation then you always get in touch with Iceland´s emergency number which is 112. They will help you step by step through everything to get you to safety. 112 will contact the local police or which is our Icelandic association for search and rescue.

There are a lot of all kinds of services around Iceland that we recommend to our customers. We will help them through it when given us a call for information.

Here are some below you might want to take a look at.