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The Winter Is Coming

The Winter Is Coming

Icy roads

Now that the frost is starting to creep up on us and already it has started to snow up in the northern region and we want to inform you on how to stay safe driving under such conditions.

It’s cold all around Iceland these days but still it does not go under the frost limit in most parts of the country EXCEPT at night.

That makes it even more dangerous for reasons that often slip our minds.

Oftentimes when the sun is shining and the temperature is not under the frost limit we don´t think too much about the road condition as we should do and therefore we could have some serious problems.

At these times we have to pay good attention to the road conditions because the roads can still be icy and very slippery after the night before, so if you’re going to rent a car in Iceland make sure the tires are suitable for that time of year.

Now we hope you keep that in mind and stay safe.