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How To Visit Iceland On A Budget

How To Visit Iceland On A Budget

If you are more than one person coming to Iceland, it is cheapest to rent a car and drive you’r self to the famous places like Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss.  It is better to include GPS and gravel road insurance if you are going to visit those places.

The resturants in Iceland make an effort to have the freshes foods and it can be interesting to try out some of the real icelandic food.  But you can save some money by renting a flat in Reykjavík and cooking your own food you’ll buy in a Supermarked.

If you are staying in Reykjavik and are not going to go to the counrty side, you can rent a small car witch is cheaper than a jeep and the gasoline consumption is less than a jeep.  It is easy to get around in Reykjavik in a car and the parking fee is not much.  In Reykjavík we have excellent  restaurants and supermarkets where you can buy food for every meal.

The famous Blue Lagoon is one of the places you must visit.  It is only 40 minutes away from Reykjavík and 20 minutes from Keflavík airport.  There you will see one of the most beautiful places in Iceland, there is also a hotel and a restaurant.

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