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Enjoy self-driving tours with car rental service in Iceland

Car Tires On Winter Road Covered With Snow

Enjoy self-driving tours with car rental service in Iceland

Iceland is a small country but it has several destinations where you need a car to visit.  Reykjavik is a beautiful vibrant and colourful city. You can take a long drive around the whole country in your car rental service through ring road which is a 1332 km one lane each way. It is exciting to drive on the road and you will also find various natural attractions of the Iceland on the way. Golden Circle tour is most popular tour of Iceland.

Self-drive tours are very famous in Iceland through which you can easily explore the attractions of the country because it is completely in your control and you can decide how long much time you want to spend at one place. There are some roads which are little harder to navigate like Icelandic highlands but you can easily drive there during summer time. Therefore don’t forget to check the weather and road conditions when you are planning for road trip in Iceland. You can collect the information of current road and weather condition of the country at The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration.

Car Rental Iceland

  • Iceland Travel Tips

If you have decided that you want a car rental services for more relaxed and enjoyable trip then always keep Iceland driving rules in your mind. The driving rules are very strict in Iceland therefore don’t ignore it otherwise you will have to pay heavy penalties and fine for it.




Sheet Belt

• Seat belts

According to the law seat belts are mandatory for all passengers sitting in back or in front seats. In Iceland, many accidents happened as passengers and drivers were not wearing seat belts.







Car Speed

• Car speed

You are allowed to drive with maximum speed of 90 km per hour on regular roads and 80 km per hour on gravel roads. Follow the rules for a safe and comfortable driving in Iceland.




Traffic Light on red• Traffic signals

Traffic signals are very unique in Iceland which you might now have seen earlier. Therefore prepare yourself for it before going to start the driving.




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