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Caves in Iceland: Surtshellir


Caves in Iceland: Surtshellir

Surtshellir, named after the fire giant Surtur, is the longest (almost 2km) and most known lava cave in Iceland and a popular place for tourists to see.

Surtshellir is located in western Iceland, around 60 km from the town Borgarnes. Surtshellir is 40 meters below surface, the roof of the cave is about 10 metres high at the highest point, and the tunnels are around 15 meters broad at their greatest width.

The deepest part of the cave, where the height of the roof is only about 2-4 meters, has been called the ice cave, because of the large ice speleothems that are formed there. The ice cave is the most beautiful part of the cave and the easiest to travel trough, even though the floor  tilts a little.
Many cave tours are available for people and we recommend booking one to see this beautiful cave.

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