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6 things to do in Iceland

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6 things to do in Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country filled with natural wonders. When you arrive in Iceland you will find lot of activities and incredible sightseeing waiting for you. Here we have created a small list of things to do in your Iceland trip.

Whale watching Iceland

1.    Whale watching

It is really a rare opportunity to see these huge marine monsters from your naked eyes. In Iceland there are many companies that organize whale watching tours at budget friendly prices. Icelanders also hunt for whales that you can later order in the restaurants. The best season to go for whale watching is from May to September.



Geysers Iceland2.    Geysers

There are many geysers, hot springs and thermal pools spread all across the Iceland due to volcanic activities beneath the surface.  You will surely love to see the hot stream shooting out from the ground to long height.



Landmannalaugar3.    Landmannalaugar

It’s an amazing destination known for its scenic beauty filled with multi-coloured rhyolite mountains, Hekla volcano and lava fields. This striking landscape will surely make you feel surprised and amazed. You can visit this place anytime, however summer is considered as the best time. Horse riding and hiking are popular tourist activities of this area.



Grindavík Blue lagoon

4.    Grindavík Blue lagoon

Enjoy the relaxing pleasure in Grindavík geothermal spa. Here you can relax and enjoy natural bathing experience in hot water having around 37 -39 degree Celsius temperature.  The water is filled with natural minerals which are beneficial for your health and skin. You can book car rental Iceland services to reach this destination.



Gullfoss5.    Gullfoss

It is one of the most famous and gorgeous attraction in Iceland. There are no rails around there so that you can enjoy fun of natural surrounding and click beautiful snaps as a memory.



 Hallgrimskirkja6.    Hallgrímskirkja

This is a unique and one of the tallest buildings in the country located in the middle of Reykjavik. The architecture of this church is inspired by Black Falls which is another natural wonder of Iceland. You can see wonderful panorama of the city from the top of the church.



These are few attractions of Iceland that you must see in your Iceland journey. However you can also hire car rental Iceland services from our reliable online portal at affordable price and make your travel convenient.

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