Mainly operational for regional flights, the Isafjordur Airport is a north western airport, located in a peninsula type area, which attracts many tourists due to its natural beauty. The location is also home to about 4000 people and they mostly work in the service business, catering to tourists. The economy is therefore mainly sustained by touristic activities and the airport itself. The style of most buildings is very simple and yet very beautiful, with many small wooden buildings and other small ranch like dwellings.

But even if the town has this rustic appearance, it still manages to host a university, and therefore, there is always a lot of artistic oriented activity to please any demanding individual. The domestic flights use one single runway and will link to Reykjavik but also to other internal destinations. The Isavia Company runs most flights here.

In terms of specific geographical location, Isafjordur can be found at the intersection of 66.04.33 northern longitude and 23.07.36 western latitude. The code of the airport is IJF, so when you‘re looking for it, use this code to make browsing on the departure and arrivals board easier.